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Daily (every other)

January 17, 2011

Daily shmaily. Yes I skipped a day or two. I feel incredible shame. I confess. Onward…

It’s a challenge, I admit, photographing someone every day in L.A.  This is a car city. The vast majority of my time when I’m out and about I’m in my car running errands and when I’m in Task Mode I am not successful at stopping and asking strangers if I can photograph them. If I lived in a walkable part of L.A. where other people were walking about, this daily portrait would be a bit easier. If I lived in Manhattan it would be even easier! Sorry for the excuses (reasons). I will try harder. Do not try, do. Well I do still shoot. The weather the past few days has been like summer. The sunset skies have been pink and warm. Sometimes color and shapes grab me more than people. Sometimes.

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