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The Value of a Portrait

February 8, 2011

As a self-employed person I’m always thinking about reaching out to share what I do with others, with people I don’t know yet. That’s the way the artist side of me puts it. The business side of me, that side I’m still getting to know and come to terms with, calls that marketing. Really, I don’t want to market myself, yuck. Call it what you will, I understand that my livelihood depends on communicating what I do with others. Sometimes I need to be reminded though, because I’m happy creating the images, not necessarily talking about them.

Today, a woman I took portraits of over a year ago, told me that when I was taking her pictures she didn’t realize the value of them until later. “Oh really?” I replied. They were just personal portraits I took of her in her home. She said she has used the images for business (with permission of course) and framed for gifts. She’s still using the portraits as she applies for jobs and for some online forums. I am grateful to her for expressing her gratitude to me for creating images that she continually finds useful and is happy that she has unique, beautiful portraits of herself that she loves to share.

Yes! There’s value in a portrait!  So even when you don’t think you’re in the market for a portrait, think again – you never know when it’s going to be just thing you need.

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  1. February 8, 2011 6:47 pm

    I am a little shy and don’t like to have my picture made. However, once Sue settled in and started taking my photograph, I relaxed and became more myself. I’m forever grateful for these images because my personality is apparent. Sue was really helpful at directing me with my wardrobe and when to apply more lipstick! Sometimes a girl needs a little help. Over time, the images Sue took of me, have gained in personal value. I realize that with Sue’s vision and skill at lighting and photography, a moment in my life is captured for a lifetime. Having a professional print makes a world of difference.


  2. February 8, 2011 7:09 pm

    Love this portrait sue…so pretty and relaxed.


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