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Embrace the Dark

February 23, 2011

Spent a little time looking for more inspiration today for my style of home portraiture. I get so excited. Really. My attraction to the shadows as much as the light is what was reinforced today. I like making connections in style over a chunk of time. From the 1860’s to now, the areas that are left to go dark in portraits pull my eye to the light. Without accepting those shadows the light would not be so attractive. Don’t go too far and think I’m implying some dark vs. light metaphor for life, but maybe I am just a little bit.

With the home portraits I take, I keep in mind that not everything has to be lit. Granted these images I’m posting are copies of copies from the internet, so the contrast and color aren’t completely accurate, but I know the originals are close. Look at these portraits and notice how beautiful the light looks on the subject, it almost glows because the unimportant things around the subject are left to fall into shadow… a little mysterious, but not so important for the image. So nice.

Gertrude Kasebier


John Singer Sargent

Lillian Bassman

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz


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