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Not Everyone is Photographer

February 23, 2011

It seems everyone takes pictures these days, and there’s some amazing photos out there taken with a good point and shoot or even an iphone. I’ve seen big companies who would previously hire professional photographers switch to using someone in house because they can afford a great digital camera that produce some impressive results. HOWEVER, not everyone can light well. Not even the best digital camera and some photoshop tricks deliver what an image that a trained, talented photographer can. I’m sure there might be some exceptions… but technically, probably not many.

Why can’t just anyone go outside and capture an amazing “natural” light portrait of someone, like the ones we see by Annie Leibovitz in Vanity Fair? Because it takes some work, some finessing, even outdoors there’s some technical magic brought to it.  Here’s what you don’t see, outside the frame of those beautiful portraits.

Annie Leibovitz

ON THE OTHER HAND, there are some beautiful outdoor portraits without the aid of strobes, and scrims… This little lady on the left, Imogen Cunningham, captured many beautiful portraits with that little old camera and natural light. She had a great eye for light, shadow and composition. I love how technically simple it can be. But of course, I also like to have the option to do it up like Ms. Leibovitz.

Imogen Cunningham

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