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Inspired by Something Broken

March 19, 2011

The story of the broken point and shoot blades continues. After talking to Panasonic I realized I should not have my local camera guy fix my camera. So I picked it up and was so happy to have it back, even though it’s not fixed yet, I had to use it today. When my day began, I must say I was feeling quite low. As my morning went on I felt even lower; kind of like I’m doing the limbo and life is the stick, and I keep bending backwards to just make it out the other side without falling down. Then I met a woman, a stranger, who started telling me things I already know; but sometimes we need to hear things we already know to actually feel them and own them as our own. You know?  Yeah. So instead of finishing all the things on my list of “to do’s” I went for a hike – with my broken camera, that I used to feel low about. LO and behold, I was inspired by how the broken blades made me look at things differently. I was inspired. At the end of my day I was smiling, for no reason except I believe that despite all the heavy world events, and career or personal struggles, life is good. The hills I hiked through were strong and beautiful, comforting yet energizing. Then I craved the sound of the waves, so I got to the beach as the humongous, full moon was rising. Even the tough guy cop who drove up to me with his brights on to see what I was “up to”, standing by my truck on the side of PCH, turned out to be a nice guy. I told him I was looking for the full moon, and he thanked me for reminding him to look at it!  Then he started telling me about his cousin who explained the importance of this full moon, but he forgot the story. My camera battery died once I saw the moon. That’s okay, it wouldn’t have done it justice.  I soaked it in with my eyes.

As I see them all together it looks like communication and nature are intertwining themes…

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