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The Power of Light

May 28, 2011

Going through storage I found a book I haven’t read yet. I don’t remember why or when I bought it. In the first chapter the narrator is describing his father as a boy. In the 1920’s his mother abandoned him, 2 local women adopted him, then they drowned when he was 16. During the depression, at 16, he is alone in the house he inherited. Under one of the bed’s he finds a camera.

“He didn’t know it then, but the camera would burst him out on to the world, give him something to cling to, fulminate a belief in him in the power of light, the necessity of image, the possibility of freezing time.”

The wording seems a little clunky, but I love the comfort, power, purpose and freedom it illustrates… all from finding a box that allows him to see with new eyes.

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