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Allow Me to Get Off Track…

September 7, 2011

What started out as a bummer of a morning turned out to be a solid good day. I’m grateful that kind and interesting people are crossing my path here on Maui. I have an overall positive and welcoming feeling flowing through my mind, body and soul. I should be going to bed now, but I got caught up surfing (the web, not the north shore) and looking through old snapshots of road trips from the last few years.  I came across this uninspiring image I took of a meal I ate on the way home from a cold, cold few days of camping in the winter of Joshua Tree.

I’m not posting this snapshot for any “great photo” recognition. Pretend I’m not a photographer and this is not a photo blog. As a consumer of food, this is just my idea of a good food shot. What was once on this plate, was so satisfying to me, that when I see this photo now, I salivate. It was not gourmet. It was just so good after some chilly camping days and nights.

Can you tell by the crumbs what was once there in one piece? I’ll tell you: a perfectly melted, grilled, cheddar cheese sandwich with a slice of tomato. The sweet, coldness of the root beer float perfectly complimented the salty greasiness of the grilled cheese. How I loved it.

Thank you Country Kitchen.


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