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Chef Bev Gannon and the Potato Masher

December 21, 2011

My chef series! Remember folks? I posted a bit ago about photographing 3 chefs on Maui as part of a series. Award winning Chef Bev Gannon is one of my three. She is a lovely woman and allowed me to photograph her in her home kitchen during one of her busiest weeks – Thanksgiving. I’m very grateful for her time. This is just one of a handful of beautiful images I captured of Chef Gannon. I like how thoughtful this image feels. I was curious to know what item(s) in her kitchen really meant something to her, and she brought out her mother’s potato masher. I love it. These simple items we grew up seeing in the kitchen are warm reminders of some family connection that may hold many stories of meals and time spent in the kitchen.  I can think of a few items in my kitchen drawers that I keep for that very reason – to stay connected to my mom and dad, and the meals they provided for us as kids. Many memories blur into each other; but that’s okay…food and family are all good memories for me.

Check out Chef Gannon’s many accomplishments and her various ventures with her Hali’imaile General Store, Gannon’s, Joe’s, and Celebrations Catering. Mahalo Chef Gannon!

Next up will be Chef Brian Etheredge of Capische in Wailea and Chef Matteo Mistura of Matteo’s Pizzeria in Wailea.

Bon Appetit!

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