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Can’t Complain

March 26, 2012

I have moments of grumpiness when I have to load my car with photo equipment, then unload it all again after a shoot. What a pansy. Especially if I’m using my 35mm digital camera with no tripod. I will cut myself some slack for the days I’d go on location with my 4×5 camera in it’s heavy case, loaded with film holders, and add on the heavy duty tripod, not to mention any other lighting gear. “Oh, but I was younger then! ”  Again, pansy excuse Sue.

Consider the grandfathers of photography, whose images I still love to study, and whose stories I enjoy reading. They were carrying large format cameras and glass plates. Perhaps traveling on a bike or a horse or a bumpy car ride with all that equipment. I wonder how much they complained. I’d like to imagine they were so passionate about what they were about to create that the physical challenge was secondary. Although, I also like imagining August Sander cursing under his breath as he got off of his bike, set up his tripod, organized a glass plate, and then began his dialogue with whomever he was photographing…

The Getty has a nice collection of Sander’s work online. See more here.

Come sign up for my Natural Light Portraiture class!  We’ll talk about August Sander and other master photographers, then spend time with our cameras creating portraits of our own; at  The Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center beginning this Monday, April 2nd.  (Bring your digital camera please.)

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