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Waiting . . .

February 27, 2013

Fashion shoots can be a bit like a long run with some sprints interspersed along the way. I scope out where I want camera – set up my lights – take a test shot – re-arrange the lights – take another test shot – lather, rinse, repeat. Then I’m ready for the models, but usually they’re still getting worked on. I wait. Then they’re in front of camera and I do another test shot as I try to see through the stylist, hair and makeup artists. I wait. And then… shoot! Direct, shoot, shoot, inspirational words, shoot, motivate the models, wait as stylists fix things, shoot! Shoot, direct, shoot. Okay, next outfit. Next location. Move lights. Do it all again.

I enjoy the energy of it quite a bit, I must say. I do say.

Can’t show the real stuff until Friday when it’s on the stands. So here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what “waiting” looks like. On the left is John Giordani, the Art Director and Designer for Maui No Ka’Oi Magazine. He’s a handsome, patient participant in many of my test shots. And on the right the models are on set, but not quite ready. The talented Style Editor, Conn Brattain is on the left as make-up artist Camille Kozuki puts on some finishing touches. The models are Leiohu and Makane.


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