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Grand Wailea’s Rooftop Honey

February 28, 2013

Hana Hou Magazine’s story about the rooftop beehives of the Grand Wailea is in the current issue. (There are more images in the print magazine than online.)  I shot it back in October and posted an image of myself on Facebook or my blog, or maybe it was just an email to my brother; but I had to document how I looked during that shoot to remember how I felt during that shoot. The bee suit didn’t come in Petite Sue Size, nor did the man size gloves I wore. It was hot. We were on the rooftop on a sunny day after all. You couldn’t wipe the sweat from your brow because of the helmut with netting. Oh, and there were zillions of bees. They were a bit upset that we were bothering their busy bee duties for an hour, so they got a bit loud, and honestly, a bit grumpy. I can totally understand. As I put the camera to my netted face to shoot, I got stung on my eyebrow. It was truly fun. Seriously. I’d do it again, but next time I think I’ll bring my own bee suit and gloves – tailored.


The two images below, show the calm, cool and collected, head bee-keeper, Ken Darr. He said he’s been stung so many times that perhaps that’s why he’s generally so happy and healthy. Something in the stinger?  I highly recommend trying the honey. It’s local, raw, sweet and tasty.


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