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Maui Fashion Shoot at Lumeria

March 8, 2013

Usually, fashion shoots are hectic. There’s attitude getting thrown around. There’s loud music pumping out of someone’s iPod to keep everyone “up” and models feeling sexy. On this shoot for Maui No Ka ‘Oi Magazine at the beautiful Lumeria Maui, we were reeeeelaxed. Sure there was the scurrying around from room to set, and set to room; but the music piping through Lumeria’s sound system was yoga mellow. You know, trickling water, prancing, piano keys and gentle, waves of harp strings. Combine that with the dimly lit, warm, wood interior of the main gathering house we photographed in and voila… the art director was yawning, and the models were mellow. Yet still, I felt my adrenalin loudly whispering to me, “GO GO GO! SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!”

Thank you Mr. Amazing Stylist Conn Brattain, Mr. Mellow and Talented Art Director John Giordani, Ms. Sculptural Hair Hairstylist Jeffie Harris, Ms. Smooth Touch Makeup Artist Camille Kozuki and applause to the King and Queen of Lumeria for a day models – Leiohu Richmond and Makane.

Click and see!

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