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Mama’s Buoy

April 23, 2014

Get it? Mama’s Buoy?  Say it like you’re from the Bronx.  Yeah, well Mama’s Fish House, the best place for tasty, fresh fish on Maui, is sponsoring their own buoy that attracts big open sea fish like mahimahi, ono and ‘ahi. Technically, it’s not just a buoy, it’s a fish-aggregating device, or FAD. It’s a Mama’s Fish House FAD, but it won’t be out of style anytime soon. This FAD is way the heck out there, about 36 miles offshore in deep water. It has strands of nylon rope dangling into the deep blue, providing a little playhouse for smaller fish, and those little fishies attract the big guys. The FAD also attracts marine biologists, who do not appear on the menu at Mama’s. They get to hang out around the FAD and collect data on pelagic fish behavior which helps their research. Score.

The image on the left is the shot Hana Hou! Magazine, Hawaiian Airlines’ on-board mag, ran for their story on the FAD. And the shot on the right is one I liked too.  These guys were fun and I’m happy Hana Hou! Magazine had me photograph them. In the close-up we see (left to right) executive chef Perry Bateman, fisherman Lane Nakagawa and a laughing “The Fish Guru”/chef Mike Pascher. They’re holding a beautiful mahimahi caught out by the FAD. Thank you mahimahi, seriously.

Mama's Fish House main guys.

The head honchos for Mama’s Fish House


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