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Maui Comedy Festival

May 1, 2014

Maui is a small place. Everyone looks familiar because you’ve either seen them at the grocery store, a restaurant, yoga class, Costco – sometimes it is necessary to go there. It took a friend in Los Angeles who sent me a private message on Facebook to suggest I meet a friend of hers who also lives on Maui. (girl blind-date) It turns out we were both Studio Art majors at UC Irvine and graduated a year apart. I like her. Her stories are interesting. She almost drowned off the coast of Molokai’i with our mutual friend and a rock star (seriously), then was saved by a girl in a fishing boat with her father. My new friend met her husband on Maui. He’s an entrepreneur, fun and intelligent. They moved back to the mainland, ran a creative agency (and still do), had two kids, moved back to Maui and now, dot, dot, dot, they are launching the first annual Maui Comedy Festival. The 3-day event takes place Halloween weekend featuring major, big name comics. Click on the link to check it out. Impressive. I shot some of their merchandise last week, and the hot, surfer girl is the one who was in the boat over a decade ago and saved my friend from going under. What a small, beautiful world it is…

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