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Inspired by the Geraldine Fibbers’ Dragon Lady

July 31, 2014

The way singer  Carla Bozulich delivers the lyrics to the song Dragon Lady, has always inspired intense emotions and visuals for me.  There was a difficult period of my life, when I would scream these lyrics with Carla at the top of my lungs while driving the freeways of Los Angeles; windows rolled up.  There’d be a moment of tenderness, then a dive into frustration and shattered beliefs.  The song’s lyrics didn’t tell my exact story – the relationship was different,  it was the raw emotions I related to. Thankfully that was many moons ago. Now it’s just fun to play director and create images from a movie I used to play in my head years ago.

DragonLady_SueHudelson-9845 DragonLady_SueHudelson-9919 DragonLady_SueHudelson-9774 DragonLady_SueHudelson-0078 DragonLady_SueHudelson-9975 DragonLady_SueHudelson-0168















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