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Migrant Maui’s Chef Sheldon Simeon

August 5, 2014




Some assignments are all around fun. Chef Sheldon is a cool guy. He’s a happy papa to four beautiful kids with his wife Janice. He’s an innovative, talented, award winning chef. He’s the head honcho at Migrant Maui. I’ve gone back to his restaurant twice since I shot this assignment for Hana Hou Magazine, and the food has been excellent, the service gets an A+, the location and view from the restaurant is like a postcard and Chef Sheldon is always inventing creative new mixes of traditional home cooking with modern twists. If you’re on Maui you need to go have a meal or two at Migrant Maui. Eat.
ChefSheldon1_suehudelson_bChefSheldon_SueHudelson_2790bChefSheldon2_suehudelson_b ChelfSheldon_MigrantMaui_b3414ChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_3bChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_4b2 ChelfSheldon_MigrantMaui-b3053ChelfSheldon_MigrantMaui-b3408ChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_6b ChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_8b ChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_9b ChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_7b ChefSheldon_MigrantMaui_5b

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